Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Eats 12-3-12

This was quite a productive weekend between holiday festivities on Daniel Island, shopping, decorating and eating good food.

Friday night, Greg, Zoey and I went to the Christmas tree lighting on DI, followed by dinner at Orlando's Pizza.

We shared this large Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple ($17.75). It was huge. Not surprisingly, we managed to have almost half left over that we ended up eating for lunch on Saturday. Overall the pizza was great, but I tend to like thicker crust more than thin crust like Orlando's. Still, the flavor was there and I couldn't complain. 

Orlando's Pizza on Urbanspoon

Saturday morning started by supporting another Daniel Island spot, Fired Urth. Greg and I sat outside with Zoey as we sipped our lattes and ate our pastries. I had the Cinnabee latte (cinnamon and honey) and Greg had a caramel latte. To eat, I had a pecan scone and Greg had a cinnamon sugar donut. Everything was amazing. 

When we told them we wanted the order "for here," I was still expecting to-go paper cups for the lattes. So I was pleasantly surprised when the drinks were served in mugs. I was so intrigued by the foam art on top and how it managed to hold its shape as I drank my way to the bottom. 

Fired Urth on Urbanspoon

Sunday morning I made biscuits and gravy for Greg, while I wanted something a little healthier. I topped one of the Trader Joe's buttermilk biscuits with one cooked egg and some shredded cheddar cheese. 


My weekend wrapped up with warm, gooey brownies, also courtesy of Trader Joe's. I used their Guilt Free Brownie Mix which calls for fat free yogurt to be combined with the powder mix. I added powdered sugar on top and ate my serving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Ok, now THAT is perfection. 

What was the tastiest part of your weekend?


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